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A/C Testing, Inspection, and repair.

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  Here at Heaths Automotive we understand how frustrating and unsafe it can be dealing with a failing A/C during Texas Summers. We have many years of experience along with top of the line equipment, and factory service information to get your A/C back to its full potential. Whether your vehicle is just low on refrigerant, or has more serious issues, we are here to help.

  Today's modern vehicles have many modules and sensors on board to keep you comfortable. Our factory level equipment has access these components to aid in the testing and repair process. 



Standard A/C Testing and Inspecting

  Our Standard A/C testing includes recovering and weighing the refrigerant in your vehicle. System is pulled into a small vacuum and tested for its ability to hold the vacuum. your refrigerant is recycled and the Factory amount of refrigerant is installed in vehicle. During this time a Scan tool is also hooked up to run self test on HVAC control modules that are on board.

  After refilling system integrity is inspected with the readings from gauges. Visual inspection is performed to see if any leaks can be found. If system was low and no leaks found, dye is added to system to aid in future testing. You will receive a printout of amount recovered and amount installed.

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