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Our various sponsorship's and community volunteering

Here at Heaths Automotive we are committed to try and give back to this community that has treated us so well for many years. We allocate a percentage of our profits to various charitable organizations along with sponsoring community events. Some of which are listed below.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

We are honored to have the opportunity to join various other companies to sponsor the Fort Worth Walk MS. This is our second year to have this honor. We would like to encourage others to donate if you are able. Donations can be made at the link above.

This year we are joined with Shoot Smart one of the premier indoor shooting ranges in the area. Along with the ranges, they offer handgun, LTC, and modern sporting rifle training. A Gunsmith for cleaning, repairs, or if you are just wanting to make a change to your firearm.

Jak Services are with us in this effort. This is the "go to" company for all of your HVAC needs both residential and commercial. They do appliance repair as well. I recommend taking a look at the "Jak News" section of their website. It has some useful information as well.

Hurst Fire Department

For the last four years, with great pride, we have been blessed to be able to sponsor the Hurst Firefighters Alumni Steak Dinner. All proceeds from the dinner are allotted for equipment that is not in the city budget. Example would be Thermal Imaging Helmets.

This is always a good time for the family. The catered Outback steakhouse has always been great. Not to mention every year has been loaded with deserts. If the trucks are not out on call they are on hand for the children to look at and sit in. There is a raffle for various items from different sponsors. This is a good time that we recommend not missing.

Tarrant County R.A.C.E.S.

For over 10 years we have been involved with the Tarrant County R.A.C.E.S. We are a group of local amateur radio operators that are here to help out our community when needed. Some operators went to Louisiana after Katrina to aid in communications when majority of communications were out. We are trained to do the same here if the need arises. Storm spotting is also involved. During events reports are made directly to the National weather service along with the local Emergency Operations Centers. We highly recommend everyone have a weather radio, also having a scanner could be helpful. With the scanner you can listen to the operators in the field. Another option is Radio Reference.

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